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Newsletter October 2017

Dear SIGLOG Members, This year’s October issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared. We pay tribute to two recently deceased pre-eminent computer scientists: Mike Gordon and Maurice Nivat. The issue features three technical columns. Nathanaël Fijalkow discusses undecidable problems for probabilistic automata in the Automata column edited by Mikołaj Bojańczyk. David Basin, Cas Cremers, Jannik Dreier… Continue reading »

Newsletter July 2017

Dear SIGLOG Members, This year’s July issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared.   In this issue We announce the winners of this year’s Alonzo Church, LICS Test-of-Time and Kleene Awards! Luc Segoufin surveys the current state of the art in first-order logics with tree-like models in Mikołaj Bojańczyk’s column on Automata. Neil Immerman’s Complexity column… Continue reading »

Winners of the 2017 Alonzo Church Award

The 2017 Alonzo Church Award for Outstanding Contributions to Logic and Computation is given jointly to Samson Abramsky, Radha Jagadeesan, Pasquale Malacaria, Martin Hyland, Luke Ong, and Hanno Nickau for providing a fully-abstract semantics for higher-order computation through the introduction of game models, thereby fundamentally revolutionising the field of programming language semantics, and for the… Continue reading »

Newsletter April 2017

Dear SIGLOG Members, This year’s April issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared. In this issue Mikołaj Bojańczyk’s Automata column presents a category-theoretic perspective on automata and minimization in an article by Thomas Colcombet and Daniela Petrişan. Mai Gehrke and Andreas Krebs introduce us to Stone duality in Neil Immerman’s column on Complexity. Neha Rungta’s Verification… Continue reading »

Statement regarding recent US travel restrictions How can we overcome this attack on openness and inclusiveness?

The SIGLOG Executive Committee shares the concern of our parent organization, ACM and of other ACM Special Interest Groups about the Executive Order that has led to travel restrictions for citizens from a list of seven countries. We view these restrictions as obstacles to scientific activity and as attacks on the openness and inclusiveness that… Continue reading »

Newsletter January 2017

Dear SIGLOG Members, This years January issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared. In this issue We start off a new column highlighting contributions of distinguished members of the SIGLOG community. In the first edition, Luca Aceto spotlights the career of Marta Kwiatkowska. Matteo Maffei’s column on Security & Privacy features an article by Vineet Rajani,… Continue reading »

Newsletter October 2016

Dear SIGLOG Members, The October issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared. In this issue We pay tribute to one of the founding fathers of computer science, Boris A. Trakhtenbrot (1921-2016), with an obituary by Lawrence M. Fisher. We report on several prizes that have recently been awarded in the area. In Mikołaj Bojańczyk’s Automata column,… Continue reading »