You can join SIGLOG here. There is no need to have a separate ACM membership in order to join SIGLOG. The benefits of becoming a member include:

  • The principal member benefit is the rebate at sponsored conferences. The flagship conference will be the ACM-IEEE Symposium On Logic In Computer Science. We are in negotiation with other conferences.
  • SigLog will establish an electronic newsletter which will contain community news: upcoming conference deadlines, upcoming conferences, conference reports, honours received by members of the community, a letters section for feedback from the community and regular columns on topics of technical interest. This will be distributed electronically to all members of SigLog.
  •  SigLog will maintain an open-access website which will be a source of news to the community.
  • SigLog will seek to establish prizes honouring signi cant contributions to the fi eld. This will raise the pro file of the whole community.