CACM Research Highlights

The Research Highlights section of the Communications of the ACM aims to provide readers with a collection of outstanding research articles, selected from the broad spectrum of computing-research conferences. Starting this year, SIGLOG is an approved nominating organization for the Research Highlights section. Accordingly, the Research Highlights Committee of ACM SIGLOG is looking for nominations of high-quality papers from the past year in the areas related to SIGLOG that can be appreciated by the broader public of the computer science research community.

There are three key criteria for a good Research Highlights paper:

  • The work must be a strong, novel research contribution.
  • It should be of broad interest to the computing community. (This means the selection criterion is not necessarily the same as that for Best Papers and other awards, which can recognize papers that are quite narrow and focused on a very small community.)
  • Papers should have that little extra “pop” that sets them apart even from other strong results in their field. A nomination should suggest that you think a paper should be one of the most widely read papers in computer science.

Papers nominated for the Research Highlights are the same as their conference version. If accepted by the Editorial Board of CACM, authors are then invited to revise their paper, aimed at making it more suitable for the publication’s wide readership. The focus should be on the message rather than technical details, and the length should be limited to around 8 pages. Note that the publication of a Research Highlights in the Communications of the ACM does not preclude a later publication in a journal.

Nomination and Selection Process

The committee will ask the PC chairs of relevant meetings (e.g., LICS, CADE, CAV, FSCD, CSL etc.) to suggest up to three top papers, ranked on both technical merit and breadth of interest to the CACM readership. Community members are also invited to suggest papers, via this online form.

The SIGLOG RH Committee, excluding individuals with conflicts of interest, will review candidate papers submitted by both conference PC chairs and community candidates. They may seek input from external experts to assess the quality of the candidate papers. Based on technical excellence, the feasibility of summarizing the results in an 8-page paper, and the potential interest from computer scientists in diverse fields, the Committee will choose papers to nominate for publication in CACM, aiming to maximize their exposure.

We hope to see many SIGLOG papers published at the Research Highlights section of the Communications of the ACM!

The Research Highlights Committee of SIGLOG

Sandra Alves (SIGLOG)
Liron Cohen (Chair)
Azadeh Farzan (CAV)
Maribel Fernandez (EACSL)
Igor Walukiewicz (EATCS)