Newsletter January 2024

By   30 January 2024

Dear SIGLOG Members,

Happy 2024 to all! SIGLOG News starts with the current issue its 11th volume;

differently from the normal issues, here you will find a retrospective of the first 10 volumes of this journal, including, among other things, the list of all the columns published so far and a few statistics on them. Then, you will find the call for nominations for the Alonzo Church Award, for which we hope to receive many outstanding proposals from our community. Finally, we wrap up this number with the latest issue of SIGLOG Monthly, prepared by David Purser and Elli Anastasiadi.

After three years of work on SIGLOG Monthly, David is going to leave this task in the next few months; hence, the current one is the last issue produced by him that appears in SIGLOG News. I personally thank David for the timely and meticulous work done though the last years, and I am sure that all SIGLOG thanks him as well. I am happy that the work of David will be carried on by Elli Anastasiadi, currently a PostDoc in Uppsala University; Elli has joined David in the preparation of the current
issue and of the next issue of SIGLOG Monthly.

Enjoy reading!

Daniele Gorla
Sapienza University of Rome
SIGLOG News Editor-in-Chief

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