Newsletter April 2024

By   25 April 2024

Welcome everybody to the second issue of 2024! Spring is usually the time of the year where most of us work to submit (or receive feedback on) papers to the forthcoming summer conferences, where hopefully many SIGLOG members will meet and discuss in person. In the meanwhile, I hope that you will enjoy reading this issue.

In this issue

  • The SIGLOG Chair reports a few important things about the status of SIGLOG that I strongly encourage all of you to seriously take into consideration.
  • In his first semantics column, Prakash Panangaden honors the memory of Philip Scott, recently passed away after a long illness. Phil was an outstanding researcher, a fantastic mentor, a lovely person, and a great friend of many of us. The article is written by Jean-Simon Pacaud Lemay that presents a brief survey on the categorical semantics for geometry of interaction, a research topic that was substantially advanced by the work of Phil together with Samson Abramsky and Esfandiar Haghverdi.
  • In the complexity column, Andrei Bulatov presents a survey on one of the fundamental questions in descriptive complexity: the question of whether there is a logic for P. In this paper, Anuj Dawar and Benedikt Pago describe recent results on how the boundaries have been pushed in several directions and on new and sophisticated methods for proving lower bounds.
  • In the security and privacy column, Steve Kremer presents a gentle introduction to Squirrel, an interactive prover for the verification of cryptographic protocols. The paper is jointly written by David Baelde, Stéphanie Delaune, Charlie Jacomme, Adrien Koutsos, and Joseph Lallemand to briefly describe some of the interesting technical challenges on the logic behind Squirrel and on its construction.
  • To conclude, we wrap up this number with the latest issue of SIGLOG Monthly, prepared by Elli Anastasiadi.

Enjoy reading!

Daniele Gorla
Sapienza University of Rome
SIGLOG News Editor-in-Chief

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