Newsletter April 2023

By   30 April 2023

Dear SIGLOG Members,

This year’s April issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared.

In this issue

  •  The SIGLOG Chair reports on some important news, relevant to all of us.
  • As her first column, Christel Baier presents a very interesting paper by Bernd Finkbeiner on Logics and Algorithms for Hyperproperties. These are properties whose formulation is given by considering sets of traces (instead of single trace-based formulations), and include, e.g., information flow, knowledge, and robustness. So, I believe that this column will be of great interest not only for the Verification community!
  • To conclude, we wrap up this number with the latest issue of SIGLOG Monthly, prepared by David Purser.


Daniele Gorla
Sapienza University of Rome
SIGLOG News Editor-in-Chief

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